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Doctors Humbled by Ability to Help More Families

We have the best job in the world, bar none. We are privileged every single day to walk alongside people pursuing what is, and will most likely always be, the biggest dream of their lifetime: creating a family. We find ourselves in the midst of a gigantic social change, if not a global movement, and

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Happy Mother's Day!

crown Give yourself a smile, a pat on the back, and try not to cry at the end of this video.

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The Best Gift You Can Give To Your Children

self-love-illustration_w Warm holiday seasons greetings! This is the time of year we are giving and receiving gifts to and from those we love and appreciate. As parents, our love is expressed in so many ways, given to our children and family first, that we often forget to extend that same nurturing love and appreciation to ourselves. We believe with all our heart that by far, the greatest gift you can give your little people is to nurture yourself first. How can focusing on yourself be a gift for your kids? Your growing children are plugged into you. You are the physical and emotional hub that keeps them charged and regulated. If you are not going through your day feeling physically and emotionally full, the result is that they will feed off that and be out of sorts. We found that if we wanted cooperation and connection with our little ones, we had to take the time to prioritize ourselves, first. For those of us who practice this on a regular basis know that the results are immediate and habit forming. If you haven't gotten there yet, don't force it, take it in stride, and go with the flow. There will be moments throughout the day, or perhaps before getting out of bed in the morning, to make a conscious decision to mentally give yourself a warm hug, and a promise to smile at yourself when passing the mirror. Think kind thoughts and words of appreciation and encouragement that you usually give your child but remember to send some in your direction as well. You'll be nurturing your child and yourself at the same time. Begin with taking 10-15 minutes a day, to just stop, sit, close your eyes, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and plug into your core comfortable self. Let the corners of your mouth turn upward. Nothing more, nothing less. Just sit, relax, and let it all go. Love and nurture yourself first. Everything else will be there waiting for you when you return. How do you nurture yourself throughout the day?
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Argentina Requires HMOs to Fund Fertility Efforts


BY Washington Examiner AP STAFF WRITER | JUNE 5, 2013 AT 9:32 PM BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina's health care providers must now provide fertility treatments to anyone older than 18 who wants them, be they married or single, gay or straight. The lower house of congress voted 203-to-1 Wednesday to approve the law, which applies to private medical plans as well as the public health care system. Lobbyists for the law say one in six Argentine couples suffers from infertility. The law specifies a range of treatments averaging about $4,000 each. The health ministry now must issue regulations saying how often a person can benefit. President Cristina Fernandez was pleased, saying in a tweet: "Assisted fertilization is law as of today. More rights, more inclusion, better country." From How We Became a Family: If you would like to see this happen in the US, like we would, the momentum is building, go here: pay
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Now as an E-Book!


It's here! It's fun to see it on a mobile screen.

It's even more fun with your little one in your lap, sitting in front of a -large- computer monitor! Oh how they love to click and scroll with their little hands... We're making this offer to anyone who'd like to begin the conversation with their child, break the ice, in an informal and fun way. Once you start presenting the information, the conversation gets easier over time. You'll feel better, your child will feel good, everyone's off to a great start! Helping children feel good about themselves and who they are, and how wonderful it is to be the family they are, make the world a better place for everyone. Still feeling a bit unsure? Read our blog entries "First Step to Telling"  and "Five Steps to Telling" to begin feeling more comfortable, feeling more at ease, and building a more connected and open relationship with your child. To get your free e-book: This promotion has expired, but it doesn't hurt to ask! Send us an email and we'd be happy to send you one!
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Happy Fathers Day!

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