Now as an E-Book!


It's here! It's fun to see it on a mobile screen.

It's even more fun with your little one in your lap, sitting in front of a -large- computer monitor! Oh how they love to click and scroll with their little hands... We're making this offer to anyone who'd like to begin the conversation with their child, break the ice, in an informal and fun way. Once you start presenting the information, the conversation gets easier over time. You'll feel better, your child will feel good, everyone's off to a great start! Helping children feel good about themselves and who they are, and how wonderful it is to be the family they are, make the world a better place for everyone. Still feeling a bit unsure? Read our blog entries "First Step to Telling"  and "Five Steps to Telling" to begin feeling more comfortable, feeling more at ease, and building a more connected and open relationship with your child. To get your free e-book: This promotion has expired, but it doesn't hurt to ask! Send us an email and we'd be happy to send you one!

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  • Lauren says...

    I would love an ebook copy! And Theresa where is the link to your artwork?!

    On November 08, 2014

  • liz cunningham says...

    So excited to hear an e-book is available!

    On August 18, 2014

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