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Unsure About Telling Your Child? New Children's Book Opens Conversation For Families With Children Conceived With Donor Help.

PHOENIX, Arizona – The How We Became a Family book series is a welcome relief for parents of children born through IVF with donor conception. These books are beautifully designed, with highly nuanced illustrations that are a remarkable combination of depth and whimsy to be read with children ages 2-10. These books help couples talk with their kids about their unique beginnings.

More than 10% of all couples in the U.S. suffer from infertility and one in eight couples need medical help to create their families. Fortunately, there are many options with the help of medical science and a donor, but many parents are at a loss to explain this process to their child.

Teresa and Bernard Villegas, M.D. were inspired by their own experiences of building their family using IVF with donor assistance. When they couldn't find a children's book to suit their needs of how they wanted to tell their own children - one that included science, the help of others and the possibility of a multiple birth, they decided to author their own.

The How We Became a Family series uses clear, nurturing text and sophisticated yet relatable illustrations to explain how parents had help creating their family and how that made their children all the more wanted and loved.

There are four customized versions. Two versions are for families whose children were conceived with an egg donor, resulting in either a single child, or twins. Two other versions are for families whose children were conceived with a sperm donor, resulting in either a single child, or twins. Each book is a beautiful keepsake with a special page where each child's name and birth information can be inscribed.

"It explains assisted reproduction in spare, restrained language that allows plenty of leeway for parents to deliver their own messages, and it also preserves the beauty and magic of a child’s birth.... an elegant explanation that most children will grasp easily" -Kirkus Review 

"We hope that this book will help other parents begin the conversation with ease and comfort by simply reading with their children early on,” says Teresa Villegas. “Helping children understand how extraordinary it is to be the family they are, and to feel good about themselves from the very beginning makes the world a better place for everyone."

The How We Became a Family series is published by Heart and Mind Press, which is dedicated to helping parents and educators inspire and cultivate conscious, empathetic, responsible children, with an understanding of the natural world and how it impacts us on a deeper, personal level.

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Published by Heart and Mind Press - Available Now -

Each Book: Full Color, 8"x8", High Quality Hardcover, Children's Picture Book with matte varnish cover, 32 pages, Ages 2-10  $25.00

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"How We Became a Family" Egg Donor with Twins ISBN: 978-0-9884501-0-3 (March 2013)
"How We Became a Family" Egg Donor with Singleton ISBN: 978-0-9884501-4-1 (Sept. 2014)
"How We Became a Family" Sperm Donor with Twins ISBN: 978-0-9884501-1-0 (March 2013)
"How We Became a Family" Sperm Donor with Singleton ISBN: 978-0-9884501-5-8 (Sept. 2014)