Authors Teresa Villegas and Bernard Villegas MD together wrote and illustrated the children's picture book series "How We Became a Family." Teresa is an independent visual Artist, Author, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. Bernard is a Cardiologist, Author, Speaker, with a large private practice in Scottsdale, AZ. 

After many years of trying to conceive and then undergoing the diagnosis, trials and tribulations of infertility issues, they were finally able to have the family of their dreams.They are the parents to 3 children all conceived using IVF with donor assistance. Going through the journey of building their family, they soon realized they were not the only couple going through this process. However, they were surprised to find out  that there weren't very many families talking about this, thus preventing awareness about infertility and inhibiting open communication with their children about their donor conceived origins.

That is why they started their blog HowWeBecameaFamily.com that discusses and offers resources for parents about how to talk with their children about their donor conceived origins. Together, they also wrote and illustrated "How We Became a Family" a 32 page children's picture book for 2-10 year olds. This book is a comforting tool for parents to begin the complex conversation with their child about their donor conceived origins.


To make a family, first of all you need love. But how do you talk with your children about their in vitro origins? How do you tell your children they were conceived with the help of a donor?

  • Adding children to a family —making a baby— takes all the same parts needed to make any baby animal.
  • Knowledge of science and our bodies is a smart and beautiful thing
  • You can share this complex story in an easy and positive way that children can accept and be proud of.
This picture book is for couples who understand that their children’s well-being comes from knowing how much they are wanted, who they are, and how they came into this world and into their family. Celebrating the story of your child’s origins through the simple act of reading together can reinforce your family’s journey of deep bonding and open communication.