Free E-Book, Try Before You Buy

Uncertain if this book is for you?

Now you can try it before you buy it. Kind of.

Nothing can replace the excitement of your child's eager enthusiasm to choose and grab a book from the shelf for you to read together. A keepsake book is one that you can personalize by writing in and cherishing forever. That tactile feel of the smooth matte varnish cover and the uncoated paper at your fingertips. The sound of the spine cracking open for the first time, and the smell of the ink on the interior pages is something only a physical book can offer. There is a satisfaction in turning the pages at a pace all your own. Over the years, the look and feel of a book's cover, shows worn corners and marred pages as telling signs of a well-read, and well loved book. However, digital technology and e-books are truly amazing. The option and the ability to read anything, anywhere, is always welcomed. The ease and comfort to cuddle and journey through a story together can be equally experienced with both digital and physical books. We are happy to be able to offer both formats for the convenience and preferences of everyone. This free digital version is available for a limited time, so sign up now and Enjoy! [signup-form id="1624"]

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